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June 12, 2017

I’ve noticed that many people seem to really HATE CrossFit.  They’ll even take the time and energy to express their disdain for CrossFit in social media comments which REALLY baffles me because I tend to just avoid things that I don’t care for.


You don’t see that type of vitriol about say Zumba or tennis…and while I’m sure that there are CrossFitters out there who take a similar negative stance regarding other types of activities, I really have not run across any of them. Why all the hate?


One of the most common criticisms that I hear is “It’s so dangerous!”.  I’m not going to lie…I’ve had two nagging, painful injuries since I started CrossFit (nearly two years ago). But I also can’t say for a fact that they were completely due to CrossFit because neither happened traumatically.  Maybe it was related to a pre-existing condition…maybe I tweaked something while sleeping (which has happened to me before)…maybe it was from overuse…or maybe it’s just from being 51 (and yes, you can start CrossFit at 50 but that’s for another post).  I have also torn ligaments from running and fractured my hand from biking…both activities that most people would consider “safer” than CrossFit.


“Every tool is a weapon-if you hold it right” (from My IQ by Ani Difranco)…everything and anything could potentially cause harm…and so can NOT being active.  I think the larger point…larger than pointing fingers and finding fault…is to go find an activity that you enjoy doing so you will KEEP DOING IT…whether it’s Zumba or rollerskating or pickleball…or CrossFit.  And if it doesn’t happen to be CrossFit I promise that I won’t be hating on you.


Read more blogs from Jody here: https://mysocalledbipolarcrossfitlife.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/every-tool-is-a-weapon-if-you-hold-it-right/




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