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SWEAT Classes

Our class is a unique calorie-burning, class designed to target all levels of fitness. Combining HIIT, Core and Functional Training, to increase muscle and burn calories in a fun, fast-paced workout customized to your personal level and your goals. Guaranteed to make you sweat, shred fat and move you closer to the body you want.

SWEAT Bootcamp led by Coach Geoffrey Blake aka "GB" is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), core-focused program with a heart rate monitor to provide you with real-time data about your workout intensity. Uses high-intensity drills, kettlebells, cardio, rower, bike, and more to produce lean figures with increased power, flexibility, and yes, even strength. 

SWEAT Class Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday at 12pm & 6:30pm. *Must check-in on WODIFY before attending

We have taken our experience with functional, results-oriented fitness and removed the heavy barbells and complex movements to create the perfect program for new athletes before they take on our full CrossFit program.


Who benefits from SWEAT? Designed for individuals who are interested in High Intensity Interval Training, but without the intimidation of heavy barbells and complex movements.


For Men: Designed to get men lean and cut weight fast. Don’t spend all day in the gym trying to work on your six pack. Get in, get out, get fit. Earn it through SWEAT.


For Women: Designed to inspire women to take charge of their lives and become the person they desire to be. We offer a CrossFit-inspired approach to fitness that’s tailored to women in a less-intimidating, yet equally effective, type of way. While women typically have a tendency to shy away from weight, we embrace a little resistance training using fun tools like medicine balls, sandbags, kettlebells and more! While you’ll rarely see a barbell in our class, we’re still on a mission to get you strong and toned.


This program is not just about getting a lean. It’s really all about changing lives, and helping women and men find long-term happiness and confidence.


Talk to Coach Mark and Joanna about SWEAT and purchasing your MyZone MZ-3 Belt.


To attend SWEAT classes, AllKine members must be on Unlimited Membership rate at $135/mo. Or $20 drop-in fee for members with limited memberships and for visitors.

Membership Fees:

Basic (4 Classes for $59/month)

Elite (8 Classes for $99/month)

Premiere (Unlimited Classes for $139/month)


Wodify Pulse enables members of all ability levels to compete together to see immediate positive results.

Your heart rate is displayed in real-time during your workout on our Pulse Board in the gym, so you can see exactly how your body is responding to our CrossFit programming.

Join us today, and let’s work together to get you healthier, stronger, and more fit than you’ve ever been before…all while having fun with great people!